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Calling myself a photography enthusiast or hinting that I am even remotely good at it would be going too far. I like however taking pictures every now and then, particularly of landscapes that catch my eye when I'm out for a trip, a hike or whatever I happen to be doing when a nice shot presents itself. I am particularly fond of a few of these pictures, which I share below. The quality is not good, either regarding execution or device used (ranging from mobile phone to my girlfriend's digital Nikon camera), but I like them nonetheless. I also enjoy putting together panoramas, for which I use Hugin.

Note that all the pictures available here are subjected to the same Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike copyright license as the rest of the Wiki contents. This means you can use them freely for non-commercial purposes provided I am credited as the author. If you want them for commercial purposes (really?) then you must contact me and seek explicit permission.



On the frozen lake

This is my absolute favorite, taken on a frozen lake in Southern Finland during a (failed) attempt at ice fishing in the winter of 2014. The sky was clear and the sun was rising behind the tree line, and some of the light managed to make it past the pines and birches, drawing an interesting pattern of shadows on the lake's surface. I think it made for a beautiful image.

Frozen lake panorama.jpg

Rainbow over the bog

I took this picture (actually, a merge of two pictures) with a mobile phone (hence the poor quality) during a hike with friends in Bonane. Bonane is in the Beara Peninsula in Ireland, a boggy and hilly peninsula shared between the southwestern counties of Cork and Kerry. The sky cleared as we reached the hilltop and rewarded us with this magnificent view.

Bonane rainbow.jpg


These panoramas were composed with several images and put together with Hugin.


Suomenlinna is an island off the Finnish mainland coast, right in front of Helsinki. It used to be a fortress aimed at defending the coastline against the enemy in case of invasion (basically the Russians). Nowadays it's a popular tourist destination that can be easily reached from the docks in a municipal ferry. The pictures were taken in Spring 2014.

Suomenlinna panorama.jpg
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